WIMD (Walking In My Destiny) Broadcasting Network is a brand NEW station that was birthed in my spirit to bring Christian programming that is relevant, accurate and 100% God driven into our daily lives. 

To often we turn on the radio only to be horrified of the content, bored out of our minds or just frustrated that the programming isn't effective or realistic. Our spirits need substance not just talk.  Our desire at WIMD is to bring programming that will leave you wanting more and will cause you to change as you apply the information that is given to your life.

Another extension of our programming will also be for those who may not know God yet. Christian programming needs to be abel to draw in the sinner without compromising the truth. Totally different and out of the box programming such as Cooking shows, Traveling, Elderly Living, Anti Bullying, Politics with God, Veteran Awareness, Youth and Kids shows and so much more. There is no stopping what God will do as we allow Him to guide the way. 

We want to provide common sense programming that will get between the six inches of our ears, yep YOUR BRAIN and make a difference in your life! WIMD Broadcasting Network is a station that will help you walk into your Destiny. 


     Destinyland Christian Center

                                                                                  Sunday's 10:00am

                                            (909) 545-6455